Office Building

Since 1996 ROLITRANS office resides in its own building
in central Jakarta within the Central Business District (CBD) area.
Our office, a typical Indonesian “Ruko” style building spans over 5 floors
with well over 700 sqm of office space. It was totally renovated
and modernized in 2004 and equipped with the latest technical
advancements in electrical and safety building technology.

The working environment is bright and acutely pleasantly designed
whilst keeping all our departments functionally integrated. High-Speed
internet access through Fiber Optic Cable was added to ensure that
the company keeps up with its daily volume of domestic and international
communication. A kitchen complete with pantry as well as a lounge
was also added to ensure that all employees can properly rest
and dine during breaks.

Warehouse Building

In 2012 and in the wake of its additions to our equipments
ROLITRANS decided to add a further property to it’s assets.
The company acquired a land plot of 4,500 sqm within the Cikande
Industrial Estate in the outskirts of Jakarta. Strategically located the land
plot is within an industrially fully developed area with all utilities readily
available. A direct access gate to the nearby toll-road Jakarta-Merak
is under construction (2014).

The new ROLITRANS Cikande warehouse property will be built in 2015. It will be designed and constructed with excellence in mind
and to Western standards. As a state-of-the-art facility it will serve
the purpose of ROLITRANS assets indoor and outdoor storage
and operate a service and maintenance workshop equipped
with all necessary tools and equipment.

The on-site warehouse office will be staffed with full time mechanics
and office personnel alike providing further project operations support.
Being a constructions from scratch the latest electrical, communication
and safety building technology will finds it’s way into realization.

Another milestone on our way to deliver


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