Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia ROLITRANS delivers uncompromising services in the field of transportation since its very inception in 1982. Our experienced, trained and dedicated workforce of Indonesian and expatriate staff combined with our specialized assets assist our domestic and international clientele to transport industrial cargoes of any size, weight and complexity. While our main focus remains the vast Indonesian archipelago ROLITRANS has been tasked more and more to provide its expertise in adjacent countries in Asia and the Pacific Rim.

ROLITRANS’ services cover all aspects of transportation; be it by sea, air or road. As a true specialist we also provide a wide array of value added services designed to supplement project requirements beyond pure transportation. Our goal is to attain smooth cargo flow to the installation point and eliminate complex shifting, lifting and handling works in particular on large and heavy components. No matter how complex the shipping method, remote or inaccessible the destination would be, ROLITRANS remains a committed, dependable partner focused to provide solutions.

Our professional services are tailor-made and offer one chain of responsibility with one point of contact.