Drop-Deck trailer with hydraulic multi-axle modules and hydraulic Gooseneck (in procurement)

More often than not cargo height is an obstacle
to the impaired infrastructure of Indonesia.
When combined with the factor weight many
road structures such as bridges, billboards,
pipe-racks and other superstructures become
an unsurpassable obstacle requiring either to
dismantle them or to re-route the transport.
In some cases re-routing is not an option or
associated with considerable additional costs.

For this purpose 2013 ROLITRANS introduces
Indonesia’s first Drop-Deck trailer with
hydraulic multi-axle modules and hydraulic
Gooseneck. With a deck construction height
of only 275 mm, a length of up to 15 meters,
a bending moment of more than 700 mtons
and hydraulically adjustable height this trailer
combines extremely low clearance, strength,
length and maneuverability. The heavy-duty
multi-axle modules allow for steering angles up
to 60° whilst maintaining axle loads of up to 45
mtons per axle-line.

The hydraulic gooseneck integrates the
prime mover’s axles into the load distribution
arrangements adding high configuration
versatility and stability to meet the most
demanding transports.

Heavy-Duty Prime Mover with Truck-Mounted
Crane (in procurement)

ROLITRANS heavy-duty 8×4 Prime Mover with a 500+ HP engine and
a transmission equipped with torque converter and retarder action
fits the system perfectly allowing to pull the load virtually jolt free. The
Prime Mover is capable to tow loads in excess of 300 mtons extremely
smooth from a standstill position; a real asset in heavy-haulage
operations under difficult conditions.

Whenever ROLITRANS operates in the field a mobile crane to support
the operation is never far away. To combine the indispensable need
for on-site craneage operations support with flexibility and versatility
ROLITRANS Prime Mover is fitted with a 20+ mton truck mounted
crane. This enables ROLITRANS to fully support on-site crane
requirements from laying out steel plates, to installation of ramp doors
and even off-load lighter cargoes totally self-sufficiently. A system
designed to provide reliable efficiency.


  • Heavy-Haulage of 300+ mton cargoes with 15+ meters length at extremely low trailer deck heights
  • Pass underneath road superstructures (bridges, billboards, pipe-racks etc.) without dismantling them
  • Extend the load distribution over 25+ meters permitting to cross impaired bridges without strengthening
  • Allows a multitude of load distribution scenarios to fit most demanding requirements
  • Permits virtually jolt-free start-up of Prime Mover and cargo eliminating sudden shifts of CoG
  • High versatility and self-sufficiency of on-site craneage operations support

Standards applied

  • Designed and built to European Industrial standards
  • All equipment is exclusively procured and manufactured in Europe and/or USA
  • Certified by various European road authority bodies for usage on European roads


  • Drop-Deck: flushed deck @ 275 mm construction height in lengths from 8 to 15 meters.
    Further extendable upon request.
  • Drop-Deck: fitted with Universal Coupling Heads connecting to multi-axle modules or Gooseneck
  • Hydraulic multi-axle modules: heavy-duty up to 45 mtons/axle-line with steering angles up to 60°
  • Hydraulic multi-axle modules: connectivity to PM tow-bar or Gooseneck; designed
    for 1½ axle-line operations
  • Hydraulic Gooseneck: capable to support up to 45 mtons on fifth-wheel allowing a multitude
    of load configurations
  • Hydraulic Gooseneck: fits all 6×4 or 8×4 tractor units and fitted with adjustable fine tuning device
  • Prime Mover: heavy-Duty 8×4 extended chassis version with a 500+ HP engine
  • Prime Mover: transmission equipped with torque converter able to pull in excess of 300 mtons
    virtually jolt-free
  • Truck Mounted crane: 20+ mton capacity and extendable over various lengths
  • Truck Mounted crane: remote control for a variety of on-site operations
  • All equipment: brand-New condition / Year 2013 purchase

Ownership and Operation

  • This equipment is exclusively owned by ROLITRANS International and operated by experienced
    and trained project personnel
  • Held at ROLITRANS International Cikande warehouse, Jakarta.

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