In 2007 ROLITRANS International started to invest into it’s own
specialized heavy-lift transport equipment focusing on foundation scope
deliveries. The aim was to isolate sub-contractor’s operated equipment
to the absolute essential whilst still being able to perform heavy-lift
transports on a turnkey basis well beyond a pure “Free on Truck” scope.

The additional challenge to the equipment selection was the requirement
of flexibility, versatility and being operable in remote areas of Indonesia
with virtually no access to heavy-lift handling systems. As investments
in heavy-industries outside the island of Java grew in size and complexity
there was a growing demand for certified, well maintained
and professionally operated equipment as these criteria
were not naturally available in the rural areas of Indonesia.

ROLITRANS filled this gap by providing not only a complete
jack-rail-skate set able to execute the most intricate foundation delivery
of heavy-lifts of initially up to 350 metric tons but also by establishing
a mixed expatriate and local project team able to appraise, plan
and execute the most demanding foundation delivery tasks.



  • Execute foundation deliveries of heavy- and super-heavy-lifts
  • Eliminate the requirement of heavy craneage for most foundation deliveries

Standards applied

  • Built to stringent Quality Management Systems (ISO) by various foreign and local suppliers
  • Field tested and certified to ROLITRANS standards
  • Stringent service and maintenance intervals


  • Wide application range for various foundation delivery scopes
  • Generally benchmarked to fit heavy-lift operations up to 350 metric tons piece weight
  • Modular system – can virtually be increased to almost any weight
  • Precise to the millimeter deliveries on/over foundation/anchor bolts
  • Allows alignment to engineering specifications
  • Allows heavy-lifts to be turned 360 degrees if required
  • Available in multiple sets / pieces to supplement and/or replace each other
  • Fast setup
  • Purchase years 2007 till 2012

Ownership and Operation

  • This equipment is exclusively owned by ROLITRANS International and operated by experienced
    and trained project personnel
  • Held at ROLITRANS International Cikande warehouse, Jakarta.

(For further technical details please refer to Specification sheets)

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