50 metric ton & 300 metric ton

By summer 2011 ROLITRANS International introduced a new Heavy-Lift Crane
Scale / Load Cell System to further upgrade our service and safety policies. The two (2) tailor
made scales/load cells have been designed to add a crucial safety factor to the transportation
of heavy-lift transports undertaken by ROLITRANS International. They are the ultimate
establishment and/or verification tool for cargo weights thus creating an additional safety layer
on ROLITRANS heavy- and super-heavylift transports.


  • Establish exact cargo / piece weight with a deviation of equal/less than 0.15%
  • Verify weights declared on documentation / packing lists relevant for permit loads
  • Add safety tool to road transports and Roll-On/Roll-Off operations
  • Utilize verified weights for trailer weight distribution calculations
  • Eliminate risk of weight related accidents

Standards applied

  • Calibrated and certified to stringent USA NIST standards
  • Certified by independent Classification company ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)
  • Calibrated to Indonesian temperature range (26° – 34° Celsius)
  • Regular recalibration intervals
  • Strict service and maintenance policies


  • Compact portable design in trolley mounted job-boxes for transport and use throughout Indonesia
  • Fitted with wireless transmitters and a dual receiver system working within a range of up to 50 meters
  • Complete with weather-/waterproof package to protect scale electronics
  • Safe Working Load (SWL) up to 110% of certified weight
  • Equipped with 3-tier safety system before failure:
    • – 150% of SWL = Overload will cause load-cell electronic failure
    • – 200% of SWL = Proof-load will cause electronics failure and deformation to the load-cell
    • – 300% of SWL = Ultimate load will cause full failure breakage
  • High flexibility: fits all crane / hook types by utilization of adapter plates
  • Extremely accurate. Minimal (0.15%) accuracy deviations at max load
  • On site print-out feature
  • Year 2011 purchase

Ownership and Operation

  • This equipment is exclusively owned by ROLITRANS International and operated by experienced and trained project personnel
  • Held at ROLITRANS International Cikande warehouse, Jakarta.

(For further technical details please refer to Specification sheet: ICS / Scalehawk Series / Model )

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