In 2008 ROLITRANS International introduced a Castor Trolley
Transport System to upgrade our services for complex
foundation scopes. The system is designed to move medium
heavy loads in tight and low clearance locations otherwise
inaccessible by trucks and trailers. The concept of the
ROLITRANS steerable trolley system capable to support
up to 48 metric tons in its present configuration is the solution
for medium weight loads where a jack and skate system
is not preferred, not possible due to height restrictions
or too slow in its execution. The ROLITRANS castors
are fitted with Juwathan (Trademark of Jung Hebetechnik
Germany) which is a coating molded around a steel core
whereby two precision ball bearings are pressed into the steel
core. This results in a smoother ride on paved surfaces
and due to the lower friction resistance it also causes
the rollers on the rear axis to follow in a truer course.
The system is equipped with a steerable tow bar
and connection rods and depending on the load can
be pulled by several people or a small forklift. The tow
bar is fitted with a 60 mm dia pull eye for easy hooking
to the towing vehicle.The ROLITRANS Castor Trolley System
works on paved and flat surfaces only and is not intended
for use in unpaved areas.

The system is supplemented by two (2) Jung hydraulic
toe-jacks at 50 mton capacity each with a toe height
of a mere 35 mm. This allows the ROLITRANS team to lift
off the load from the castor trolleys without having a clearance
problem under the load with jacks where the collapsed height
is not low enough. The hydraulic jacks are modified to fit
ROLITRANS Enerpac pump system and can thus be used
in conjunction with our wide range of Enerpac high capacity
jacking systems.

The whole system is designed to provide a fast & safe
foundation delivery for medium heavy-lift cargoes within
a confined job-site setting.


Castor Trolleys

  • Transport of medium heavy-lift loads within confined areas
  • Movement of medium-heavy loads around tight corners where pathway is obstructed
  • Eliminate risk of cargo damages to base with deployment of more castors for better load distribution

Toe Jacks

  • Lifting of loads with extremely low clearance under load

Standards applied

  • Certified quality by DIN EN ISO 9001 (Germany)
  • Manufactured by Jung Hebe- und Transporttechnik GmbH, Germany
  • Regular function tests undertaken by ROLITRANS International


  • Compact portable design for transport and use throughout Indonesia
  • For loads up to 48 metric tons in a single castor + trolley configuration. More castors
    and trolleys can be added
  • High flexibility: fits all cargoes with a wide supporting surface per castor/trolley cassette
  • Extremely flat design of castors with a height of only 125 mm
  • Toe jacks modified to fit Enerpac hydraulic pump system
  • Year 2008 purchase

Ownership and Operation

  • This equipment is exclusively owned by ROLITRANS International and operated by experienced and trained project personnel
  • Held at ROLITRANS International Cikande warehouse, Jakarta.

(For further technical details please refer to Specification sheets)

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