Since its inception in 2007 to start investing into its own specialized
heavy-lift transport equipment, ROLITRANS focus was to isolate
sub-contractor’s operated equipment to the absolute essential whilst still
being able to perform heavy-lift transports on a turnkey basis well beyond
a mere transportation scope.

Be it the supply of a mobile heavy-duty ramp-door to complement
barges for roll-on/roll-off operations or the provision of transfer beams
to suspend heavy-lift cargoes or the allocation of heavy-lift stools allowing
elevated stowage of loads.

These accessories to heavy-lift transports are often overlooked
but they perform an important and crucial role in the accomplishment
of the transport. Without suitable steel plates a trailer with a heavy load
may get buried at a muddy job-site or a cable entrenchment around the
foundations becomes an unsurpassable obstacle.
And as these accessories take on the load of any cargo rolled, stowed
or otherwise transported on them they must fulfill all criteria in terms
of certification and maintenance as trailers, cranes, vessels or barges do.



  • Support operations of barging, stowage, heavy-haulage and foundation deliveries
  • Allows specific handling operations of heavy-lifts without additional equipment

Standards applied

  • Built to stringent Quality Management Systems (ISO) by various suppliers
  • Field tested and certified to ROLITRANS standards
  • For all Steel Products mill- and welding certification from material purchase to fabrication


  • Wide application range from stowage to heavy haulage to foundation delivery
  • Proprietary designs of ROLITRANS on fabricated items in accordance to heavy-lift handling requirements
    accumulated over years of experience
  • Generally benchmarked to fit heavy-lift operations up to 350 metric tons piece weight
  • Available in multiple sets / pieces to supplement and/or replace each other
  • Fast setup
  • Manufacturing/Purchase years 2007 till 2011

Ownership and Operation

  • This equipment is exclusively owned by ROLITRANS International and operated by experienced and trained project personnel
  • Held at ROLITRANS International Cikande warehouse, Jakarta.

(For further technical details please refer to Specification sheets)

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